Distributor Selection

Among other components a Distributors Marketing Plan should specify product range, target market segments, geographical coverage, sales channels and target groups, pricing and positioning as well as an overview of the promotional strategy ¨C in other words how the distribution partner intends to successfully market your products and services.

Based on that, the parties should arrive at mutually agreed upon S.M.A.R.T. targets. Do not push for overly ambitious ones unless you have clear, reliable information about the targeted market and its true potential. In negotiating you need to show potential partners that you have alternatives and use the facts gained in the due diligence to discuss the terms conditions. Be clear on your strategy and overall market and sales expectations. Good personal relations with potential distribution partners in Asia are essential. A contract is needed if things go wrong but in many cases the parties should aim for a "mutually beneficial agreement" consisting of agreed targets, prices, payment terms etc.




Screening of potential Distributors
Distributor Qualification
Continuous Distributor Management
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