The more international your company operates the more it will need access to a network of qualified distributors. It is in most cases more practical and economical to rely on experienced local medical device distributors than starting your business with a fully fledged market entry.

So, how to find the right distributors? Many companies use a rather opportunistic approach of "accidental exporting" ¨C an international customer becomes an exclusive importer without professional market assessment and entry strategy! HMC replaces this with a pragmatic, customized and systematic methodology assisting Medical Devices SME's to search, select, qualify and build strong distribution partners in Asia Pacific.

Screening of potential Distributors

After collecting sufficient market data HMC will search for suitable and interested distribution companies and assess their potential in relation to the products and services to be marketed.

Depending on the type of product (consumables or investment products and machinery) one can state that small, focused and motivated distribution companies with sufficient market knowledge and relationships are more likely to be interested in your product range and "actively marketing" them than large multinationals carrying multiple product lines.



Distributor Qualification
Distributor Selection
Continuous Distributor Management
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