Hoyer Medical Company Limited (HMC)¡­

HMC is a German Company operating out of Hong Kong, comprising of a multinational team of Health Care Professionals such as Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Biochemists, RA Specialists, Engineers, Marketers and Management Consultants dedicated to the Medical device and Life Sciences Industry.

HMC provides personalized professional services to SME Medical Devices companies newly entering markets in Asia or expanding their current sales- , marketing and distribution activities.

HMC¡¯s multilingual team members lived and worked in Europe (Germany, Italy and UK) Americas (Canada and USA) as well as several countries in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Indonesia) and have access to a wide-spread international network.

HMC ¨C your dedicated medical device partner in Asia

Peter Hoyer, MBA, EMBA
Managing Director

Peter Hoyer, HMC's Founder and Managing Director, is a German Health Care and Life Sciences Professional with 20 years of International Business Experience. He has a proven track record and an in-depth understanding of Sales, Marketing, Distribution and General Management of Medical Devices and Life Sciences with a particular focus on markets in Asia. Peter has established Regional Offices as Legal Entities from "Greenfield Sites" and managed more than 100 medical devices distributors throughout Asia Pacific. Peter has successfully built strong brands for medical device companies and was capable to establish relatively unknown medical products as the "standard of care" both in developed as well as in developing markets in Asia.                     

Dr. Mark Dennison, MD, MBA

Dr. Dennison is Canadian and in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry since 25 years. He held various positions in marketing and general management in North America, Europe and in Asia Pacific (China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia). He may be best described as a multicultural person with a strong blend of medical knowledge and a good sense of business acumen. Dennsion has set up numerous businesses in Asian markets including distribution networks, subsidiaries, and joint ventures.
Scott EM Roberts
Senior Consultant

Scott EM Roberts, a Medical Device Strategic Business professional, assists SME biotech manufacturers in business growth, strategic planning, investment partnerships, and internationalisation projects.
Since 1985, he has held director and executive management roles for major global players including, Bard Inc, Pfizer HpG , Sorin Group, and Ohmeda (GE). As International Strategic Business Unit Director, Corporate International Marketing & Product Manager, and International Sales Director, he has held decision maker roles in corporate policy and international strategy.   
Ms Xing Li
RA Specialist

Ms. Xing Li is HMC Specialist for medical device regulatory affairs in China. Xing has worked for several foreign companies and has more than 5 years experience in registering Class I-III medical devices with Chinese SFDA. Xing has successfully managed the registration of many Class III orthopaedic implants and dental products with SFDA including devices with biomaterial which had never been tested and registered in China before.      

C.Y. Chan , MSc, MBA
General Manager

CY is a Sales and Marketing professional with more than 15 years of work experience in the medical device and life sciences industry in Asia. Chan worked in large Healthcare Multinational Companies (MNCs) as well as for medical device Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Asia Pacific Headquarters. Chan has a proven track record of effectively initiating and implementing business development projects in Asia and possesses strong communication, motivation and negotiation skills.  

J.J. Wong
Medical Device Market Researcher

Wong is HMC's market researcher and has more than 8 years of working experience in different medical device companies operating in China. Wong's experiences include recruiting and managing hundreds of distributors in Ophthalmology, Home Care, Rehabilitation and Patient Monitoring Products.                         

Ms. May Liu
Information Technology and Human Resources Consultant

May is HMC¡¯s IT and Human Resources consultant and has more than 10 years working experience in IT and 5 years in Human Resources. May managed numerous IT projects including design and management of several company-, government-, community and e-Commerce websites such as online shops, online banking and government tendering. May had been in charge of the launch of recruitment, traveling and education service platforms for large government enterprises in China, and published articles on e-Commerce in ¡®China Internet World¡¯ magazine.   

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